Error in Vsphere web Flash client. Cannot navigate to the desired location. Error details: An error occurred while activating extension vsphere.core.inventory.domainView. Invalid domain view id: vsphere.core.inventory.domainView



1. Point your web browser to your vCenter server: https://VC-Server/mob and login.

2. Click on content:

3. Locate and click on ExtensionManager:

4. Click on the plugin you are interested in removing:

5. Record the plugin key id which will be used to remove the plugin:

6. Now, go back to previous page and at the bottom click on the function ”UnregisterExtension”. A new window will open and ask for the plugin key id which was recorded from above. Enter the key and click on the ”Invoke Method” to remove the plugin

You can now refresh the page and you will see that the plugin is no longer available. You can restart your vSphere Client to see that the plugin has now been removed.



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